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Specialist Parts Stock

GTO Engineering has an established history of travelling the world in search of hard to find 'New Old Stock' Ferrari parts. These parts, when discovered, are either added to our parts inventory to supply externally or to satisfy the requirements for our own internal restoration projects. Here are a selection of current hard to find items:

166 166 Gearboxes 166 Original Heads

500 TRC 500 TRC Rear Axle

750 Monza 750 Monza Cylinder Head

250 250 GTE Panels - NOS

275 275 14" Campagnolo Wheels - Re-conditioned 275 14" Starburst Wheels - Re-conditioned

330 330 15" Campagnolo Wheels - Re-conditioned 330 Oil Sumps 330 GTC Panels - NOS 330 GT 2+2 Shell Only with Interior Parts

365 Original Daytona Cylinder Heads (above) Original Daytona Suspension Parts Daytona Gearbox 365 GT 2+2 Gearbox

General Large Selection of Genuine Air Filter Housings Fispa Fuel Pumps - Mechanical & Electrical

288 288 GTO Genuine Exhaust 288 GTO Oil Sump Pan

328 328 Engine (above)

F40 F40 LM Pair of Seats F40 Gearbox F40 Gear Selection Unit

F50 F50 RH Wing Mirror - NOS F50 Wheels - NOS (above) F50 Complete Exhaust

California California Full Interior Carbon Kit California Carbon Steering Wheel with LEDs

458 458 Front Bumpers - NOS

LaFerrari LaFerrari Carbon Mirrors - Re-conditioned (above) LaFerrari Lift Pump - NOS

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