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LA Update - Here Comes the Sun

Prepare your car for care-free driving in the sunshine

With the recent rainfall hopefully behind us, the time is now perfect to service your classic or modern classic, preparing for trouble-free springtime and summer use. We can arrange collection and return delivery of your car at your convenience, but of course, would also love to see you at the workshop to chat about your individual car in person.

ake advantage of our highly competitive fixed-price service program available to modern classic Ferrari from the 80's to today

For the more modern car we offer a competitive fixed-price service program with all work carried out by our highly-experienced technicians, who have worked extensively on these models since they were new and have built up an unrivalled and intimate knowledge of them.

From classic through to modern, the entire bloodline of the Ferrari stable is catered for at the LA workshop


We are in the midst of preparing a beautiful 1960 Azzurro Chiaro Series II 250 GT Cabriolet for Ferrari Classiche Certification. In July 2016, the car underwent an extensive service under our care in Los Angeles, including rebuilding the brake calipers, fine-tuning the overdrive and other service items to further improve the drivability. We have since supervised the Certification of Authenticity application and are adept in taking the car through the process with the Classiche department in Maranello.

We have examined and documented the PF Cabriolet to ensure the vehicle’s conformity to the original design from the authenticity of the chassis, engine and gearbox through to the suspension, brakes, wheels and bodywork, interior, preparing the photography and evidence to ensure the smoothest possible certification, having the experience of numerous prior applications.

Classiche Certification photography of the interior, brakes, bodywork and, of course, the 2,953cc SOHC V-12 engine with triple Weber dual-choke carburetors

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