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Fastidious About Ferrari

We have gained an unrivalled practical knowledge of the parts required to keep iconic Ferrari cars in pristine condition, having supplied parts to the rarest and most unique cars in the market. It is this knowledge, together with significant investment in original parts, tooling and state-of-the-art equipment that allow us to ensure the quality, reliability and availability of the world’s rarest Ferrari parts. Here we showcase some of our latest arrivals:


GTO Parts has an established history of travelling the world in search of hard to find 'New Old Stock' Ferrari parts. These parts, when discovered, are either added to our parts inventory to supply externally or to satisfy the requirements for our own internal restoration projects.

FU11452n Carburettor 3-Carb [36DCS] - Ferrari 250 GT/E 1962

These used Weber carburettors are getting hard to find and are in perfect condition and available in stock.


At GTO Parts, we harness the proven principles utilised in period of wonderful design flair together with precision engineering and reverse-engineer every detail in-house to create our re-manufactured original specification parts that go to create our specialist classic Ferrari stock should New Old Stock not be available.

We work from the original parts to produce 3D CAD models, engineering drawings, tooling and casting data to supply our in-house machine shop.

he example shown here is one of our latest production batch of cast aluminium oil filter and pressure release valve housing found on a late 250, 275 and 330 GT 2+2. The valve is key and under normal pressure, the valve is forced down onto a spring and oil can run through directly through the pump and to the engine.As pressure builds, the valve causes the spring to open and allow oil to flow back into the crankcase preventing excess oil pressure.

SU11408n Oil Filter/ Pressure Release Valve Housing - Ferrari 250/ 275/ 330 GT 2+2

Every component is stringently tested on our own cars as well as, supplying our in-house engine shop. This testing both reassures and reinforces the integrity and quality of the classic Ferrari parts we are able to re-manufacture and supply.

The second example shown is top knuckle joint from the front suspension on a 250, 330 and 365 GT. These are available for the near-side or off-side and are precision-engineered steel.

FS00017n Front Suspension Top Knuckle Joint - Ferrari 250/ 330 GT 2+2/ 365 GT


FU00105n FISPA Electric Fuel Pump - Ferrari 250/ 275/ 330 2+2

New in stock are reproduction electric fuel pumps for the 250, 275 and 330 that maintain all the characteristics of the original including the correct sound. These electric pumps have one-way valves that keep fuel from draining back to the tank and keep fuel from just circulating in a circle between the the mechanical and this electric pump and not filling the carburettors.

CH2002n Cam Roller Kit - Ferrari 250/ 275/ 330 2+2/ 365 GT

We also have upgraded cam roller kits in stock, again suitable for 250, 275 and 330. These rollers replace the original bush and give a smoother and more reliable mechanism further enhanced by the elephant-foot tappet screws sitting on top of the valves themselves.

FU14087n Fuel/ Distributor Drive- Early Ferrari 250

his reproduced fuel pump and distributor drive set for the early 250 are also new into stock.

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