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Firing On All Cylinders

GTO Engineering also have decades of engine-building experience with Colombo and Lampredi units in 4,6 and predominantly 12-cylinder form. These together with the Dino V6 and V8 engines form the backbone of our in-house engine shop work in engine rebuild through to complete new units.

Often, side-by-side are also masterpieces from; Maserati, such as the A6GCS and 250F, Aston Martin, from DB2 to DB5 and the great Alfa Romeo, with 158/159, 8C and 12C engines.

An original 250 GTO unit fully rebuilt by GTO Engineering

We build a number of spare brand-new engines for our clients each year, using re-manufactured original specification parts from our specialist stock which allow spirited use of the car whilst preserving the original unit. These engines are built-to-order and can be configured to the individual client’s specification; 3 litre, 3.3 litre, 3.5 litre or 4 litre configuration and either road or competition specification.

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