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Ferrari 375 Plus Restoration

Welcome to our first Analogue Archive, where we delve into our records to showcase some of the fabulous sports cars our engineers have restored and preserved back in the days before digital imagery and computerised job cards were commonplace. We start 27 years ago in 1990 with the full restoration of a 1954 Ferrari 375 Plus, one of only five ever produced by Ferrari and one of only four remaining in existence. The image above shows Kevin Jones and Mark Lyon at work underneath this all-too-rare pedigree race car while they both worked at DK Engineering.

Our engineers, in many cases, were fortunate to be involved in the very first restorations of these iconic cars and therefore gain unique expertise in the originality and authenticity of how these were built. They carry this knowledge forward to this day and can apply it to cars even that have been restored on multiple occasions where certain areas may have moved away from original specification.

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