''Richard, thank you for your time and investment in our Southern California Ferrari community.

With respect to exceptional support from Ferrari and the many technical experts we enjoy here, you have introduced an outstanding service arm that I have recently come to realize while having the 512 and 365 attended to by Eric and Kevin. Not only did the two
both perform outstanding service, but the overall management via Steve's communication, technical explanations, timely service and attention to detail, echoed "customer care" throughout the process.

Good people always make a difference and in this case GTO has distinguished itself as a premier center that vintage and contemporary Ferrari owners will enjoy for years to come. Well done! Thank you and all the best!''  Andrew Tymkiw


''Thank you for the excellent service and work that you have carried out on F430. It is really refreshing to be able to communicate direct with Technician working on your car.

To have clear pictures of the damaged parts allowed me to make an instant decision whilst away on holiday - This is a great use of technology and to be quite honest far removed from the service that I have experienced in Ferrari Service Centres locally.

I am very grateful that you have managed to resolve all the big issues before my departure to Italy. Naturally I will be recommending you to local FOC members who have modern Ferraris.

Lastly, you were absolutely right about the geometry needing attention. I noticed the pull to the side even at low speeds driving through Reading. This has now been resolved and car is tracking true. I have attached a copy of the wheel alignment report!'' Mr Morris


''What an AWESOME work of Art and marvel of construction!!!  GREAT job by the GTO team.  Tom and Loic have already been invaluable for fine tuning thanks to Greg's incredible feel for and knowledge of the car.  And the Cento arrangements went perfectly smoothly thanks to Joanna and Sarah.  Also thanks to Paola.

Thanks again to ALL for ALL!

With Respect and Appreciation

Tefft and Nancy'' Tefft Smith