For twenty years the GTO Parts department has been accumulating thousands of new, NOS and used Ferrari parts, to service internal needs and demand from customers all over the world. Our manufacturing operation runs year-round and our team regularly travel internationally to source new supplies. We continually monitor availability in the market and look to begin remaking parts as soon as we see availability weaken. Everything we sell we use ourselves on our own customer’s cars, so we have absolute confidence in their quality.

Mark Lyon
Managing Director

Latest Parts

512 BB/ 365 GT4 BB Header Tank GTO PN: CS11801n
Carburettor 3-Carb [36DCS] 250 GTO PN: FU11452u
Ferrari 288 GTO Header Tank GTO PN: CS11805n
Ferrari 365 Crown Wheel & Pinion 8/34 GTO PN: AX22284n
Fuel Tank 250 SWB GTO PN: FT00120n
Gearbox 250 GTO GTO PN: GB00162n
Handbrake Pads 250 GTO PN: BS00238n
Heater Box 250 GTO PN: AC00170n
Rear Main Crank 2-Piece Bearing Housing GTO PN: CC00078n
Steering Wheel 250 TR 420mm GTO PN: ST00267n
Tool Bag 275/330 GTO PN: TB00227n

Featured Parts

250 Comp SWB FIM Radiator GTO PN: CS11517n
Carburettor 6-Carb [40DCN] 275 GTO PN: FU11450u
Clutch Slave Cylinder 275 GTO PN: CL00011n | Ferrari PN: 500259
Complete 250 TR Engine GTO PN: MS11340n
Crank 4-Litre Standard [68mm] GTO PN: CC00162n
Cylinder Head 330 GTO PN: CH11567n
Dash Vent Duct Large

GTO PN: AC00012n

Small Clear Side Lights 250 GTO PN: ET00070n
Stud Main Bearing [M10x102mm] GTO PN: CC10018n
Timken Bearing 32x75x30 GTO PN: AX22313n
Valve Inlet [49.0x116.0mm] GTO PN: CH11488n


Our latest full-colour parts catalogue has over 100 pages of rare classic Ferrari parts.