Cylinder Heads (CH)

Parts Available

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166 Head Gasket Set GTO PN: CH11943n

275/4 Cylinder Head Water Outlet Pipe GTO PN: CH11556n

Angle Drive Gears GTO PN: CH00110n

Angle Drive O Ring GTO PN: CH00111n

Angle Drive Tach Housing GTO PN: CH00108n

bearing 28/68/18 GTO PN: GE00022n
Ferrari PN: 95890702

Cam Cover 250 TR GTO PN: CH00306u

Cam Cover 250 Various Configurations GTO PN: CH10017n

Cam Cover Front Plate 2-Bolt GTO PN: CH00072n

Cam Cover Front Plate 3-Bolt GTO PN: CH00070n

Cam Cover Front Plate 330/365 GTO PN: CH11531u

Cam Cover Gasket 14-Stud LH Late 250/275 GTO PN: CH00323n
Ferrari PN: 9160478

Cam Cover Gasket 14-Stud RH Late 250/275 GTO PN: CH00336n
Ferrari PN: 9160477

Cam Cover Gasket 16-Stud LH Early 250 GTO PN: CH00346n
Ferrari PN: 16405/17383

Cam Cover Gasket 275/4 GTO PN: CH00028n
Ferrari PN: 9160344

Cam Cover Gasket 2V GTO PN: CH11618n

Cam Cover Gasket 2V GTO PN: CH11620n

Cam Cover Gasket 330/365 GTO PN: CH00340n
Ferrari PN: 9160479

Cam Cover Gasket 500 Superfast GTO PN: CH00056n
Ferrari PN: 9160479/A

Cam Cover Knob GTO PN: CH11534n

Cam Roller Bush GTO PN: CH00042n
Ferrari PN: 9160780

Cam Rollers Use With Needles [30mm] GTO PN: CH00032u

Cam Rollers with Bushes [30mm] GTO PN: CH00022u

Cam Rollers With Bushes [30mm] GTO PN: CH00022n

Cam Rollers with Needles [30mm] GTO PN: CH00032n

Cam Seal Kit 308 2-V 78-83 GTO PN: CH11718n

Cam Seal Kit 335 GTO PN: CH11720n

Cam Seal Kit 456/550 GTO PN: CH11952n

Cam Seam Kit 3655/512BB/BBI GTO PN: CH11724n

Cam Shaft 250 GTE Standard GTO PN: CH11362u

Cam Shaft 250 GTE Standard (pair) GTO PN: CH11362n

Cam Shaft D16 250/275 GTO PN: CH11516n

Cam Shaft GTO6 250/275 GTO PN: CH10018n

Cam Shaft GTO7 250/275 GTO PN: CH10016n

Cam Shaft GTO8 250/275 GTO PN: CH11360n

Cam Sprocket GTO PN: TC11158n
Ferrari PN: 22112

Cam Sprocket Bolt GTO PN: TC00069n
Ferrari PN: 92266

Cam Sprocket Plate Late GTO PN: CH11208n
Ferrari PN: 22575

Cam Sprocket Plate With Fuel Pump Drive GTO PN: TC11205n

Cam/Chain Cover Nuts GTO PN: CH11509n

Culinder Head Gasket (78mm) 1mm Thick GTO PN: CH11550n

Cylinder Case 250LM GTO PN: CH11963n

Cylinder Head 250 GTO PN: CH10012n

Cylinder Head 330 GTO PN: CH11567n

Cylinder Head Cisitalia GTO PN: CH11524n

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