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Mar 05 2012

Palm Beach To Paris

January 2012 began with a flurry of travel and activity, starting with a whistle-stop tour of America to visit clients, including two days at Cavallino, and finishing in Paris for Retromobile. Palm Beach was a most enjoyable event; it was good to see everyone who attended.

A small GTO contingent hit Retromobile to meet clients and scour the stalls for parts. We were pleased to see a car there I have a particular affinity for: three years ago, when scouting in Italy, I went to look at a 250 PF Coupe at a beautiful farmhouse set in the Italian countryside.Once done with the PF, I was beckoned into an adjacent outbuilding. Inside, amongst other treasures, was something I was starting to think I’d seen the last of in the 90’s – a genuine ‘barn find’!

The Ferrari 250 Monza (Chassis #0466) had been with this owner since the late-80’s, and had fortunately been reunited with its original engine from Brazil in 2000. The car was ripe for restoration and the owner indicated they would consider a discreet private sale. Unfortunately this did not materialise, not helped by the car’s contested chassis number. Still, I am pleased to now see the car out on public display, it has certainly created a buzz, and no doubt it will find a new home soon.

Back at base, racing, restoration, reconstruction and parts projects continue apace, promising an extremely active year for us all! Look out for more news from us soon.