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6th October 2023

New beginnings

GTO Engineering was founded in 1983 by Mark Lyon as an independent classic Ferrari specialist. The business blossomed and cars rolled in. In 1996 he was joined by his friend and colleague Kevin Jones and they also began making their own parts. In the early 2000s it became a true family affair as both Mark and Kevin's sons' joined the business, including Lee Jones. They also bought Tony Merrick’s workshop near Twyford, Berkshire, an area the company still calls home today. In 2011 James Crossland joined and together they rode the wave fulfilling Mark’s ambitions. GTO grew into the world’s largest classic Ferrari specialist, with international operations in Twyford, UK; Atlanta, Georgia; Los Angeles, California, and of course; Maranello, Italy.


Mark sadly passed away far too young in 2022. Being the sole owner and with his family having left to pursue other business interests, the company needed a new owner so turned to legendry Ferrari dealer John Collins of Talacrest. Under his ownership the company was scaled back to a more manageable UK-only operation.


In 2023, 40 years after its founding, GTO returned to its roots and into the ownership of Kevin, Lee and James. With many of the original team back in place, world-class Ferrari expertise and a solid plan for the future, we’re committed to our clients and our work, restoring, servicing, racing, touring, supplying parts and having fun with the world’s rarest, most beautiful and most valuable cars: Enzo-era Ferraris.


Kevin Jones
Lee Jones
James Crossland

Lee Jones, Mark Lyon, Tom Grogan and Kevin Jones with 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO #3505, in 2013


Full expert report on mechanical and cosmetic condition, component authenticity versus any sale room details


Mechanical or cosmetic preparation by expert technicians, from Concours to motor racing celebrations


Dedicated or shared technical support for your car ensuring peace of mind and maximum enjoyment and participation


All aspects of classic and modern Ferrari servicing undertaken



Fully understanding the importance of originality and preservation while reversing history to factory specifications


Specialist in re-building, upgrading and finishing engines and components in our dedicated engine shop


GTO Engineering's experienced technicians service hundreds of classic and modern Ferraris in its dedicated workshops, ranging from minor mechanical repair work to major overhauls.


The team's decades of experience with classic Ferrari has given them a rare ability to scrutinise every detail, some that the less-experienced might overlook, to ensure each car leaves having received the highest level of workmanship.


World-renowned Ferrari restorers, the GTO Engineering team has unrivalled access to historical drawings, information and practices to complete the very best restorations. Its dedicated Restoration technicians have the knowledge and access to the rarest parts and practices to turn around the most complex restoration projects in a timely manner while still retaining the hallmark of quality.

dino (2).jpg

The GTO Engineering engine shop is home to all aspects of engine building, focusing on the art of the Colombo V12.

Whether it's working on retaining critical matching-number status or rebuilding a new engine for spares, GTO Engineering is world renowned for its engine experience and expertise. From standard units to competition and modern upgrades the team is skilled to deal with the most complex of builds. 


Increasingly, GTO Engineering's owner and collector clients, and its partners in the classic Ferrari business, are calling on the team's expertise to establish the authenticity of any vehicle as part of a pre-purchase inspection, as well as independent assessment of the car and its suitability for the intended use.

GTO Engineering's intimate knowledge of the genuine article and in-house research archives, together with the practical knowledge of the work and parts required to restore the cars, keeping their originality, means that the team can help make an informed decision on the purchase of any chosen Ferrari.

Pre-Purchase Appraisal.jpg

From Concours to competition the team has prepared cars for and participated at every major event around the world. 

GTO Engineering is an expert in setting up any Ferrari for the rigours of competition where the numerous victories and awards are testament to the quality of GTO Engineering’s craftsmanship.

Over many years the team have built up an intimate knowledge of each model type and the likely areas that require pre-event inspection and where necessary adjustment or maintenance.

Event Preparation.jpg
Event Preparation

GTO Engineering support its clients at some of the most prestigious automotive events in the world, from globally-recognised race meetings or driving tours through to preparation at the world’s most prestigious concours events.

We have many years’ experience in supporting clients on tour events to experience the world’s most thrilling driving routes. These include the Modena Cento Ore, Mille Miglia, Targa Florio and Tour Auto events.

GTO Engineering is also renowned for supporting clients at the classic European race meetings including the Goodwood TT and Peter Auto classic events, as well as, North American classic meetings such as Laguna Seca where supported clients can put their classic Ferrari to spirited use.

Event Support.jpg
Event Support
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